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BISC444 - Practical Analysis of Biological Data in R. (last syllabus)

BISC363 - Mammalogy. (last syllabus)

BISC313 - Evolution and Population Genetics. (last syllabus)

BISC325 - Genetics. (last syllabus)

BISC490 - Independent undergraduate research projects. Taught continuously, but students must be approved first. (email matthew [dot] dean [at] usc [dot] edu to discuss).

BISC499 - Hands-on Research at the Natural History Museum. Taught periodically. (last syllabus)

BISC502B (graduate level) - Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry. Taught each Spring. (last syllabus)

BISC542 (graduate level) - Seminar Series in Molecular and Computational Biology. Each Fall and Spring. (last syllabus)

BISC544 (graduate level) - Advanced Readings in Molecular Biology. Each Spring. (last syllabus)

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