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La Familia

La Familia


Taking the Lab to a Monster Truck Jam is always a good idea


Sometimes a fella just needs carrots.


BISC 499, new course on Mammalogy. Probably my favorite class ever taught at USC.


Meet Earwax and Butternut (Dendrobates leucomelas), the new lab mascots. Fisher and Guido are gone but not forgotten.


Hunting for bacula in the bowels of Chicago Field Museum with Dr. Bruce Patterson. We found 'em. Bruce is holding a walrus baculum.


2019. Caleb Ghione, Sara Keeble, Matt Dean, Nick Schultz, Michael Lough-Stevens. All celebrating at Sara's defense.


2019. Sending newly doctored's Sara and Nick off into the real world. We'll miss you two!


A visit from Yiding!


2019. Matt speaking to 10th graders at Upper Mississippi Academy (Minneapolis) about what it's like to be a scientist. SMART KIDS! Keep asking those questions.


2019. Public panel discussion at USC's Visions and Voices with Richard Pell (founder of PostNatural History Museum in Pittsburgh), Amy Gusick (curator at LA Natural History Museum) and Matt, talking about how humans have genetically modified all kinds of things.


2018. Ian Ehrenreich, Aneil Agrawal and Matt in Little Tokyo, following crazy good seminar by Aneil.


2018. Spent my sabbatical with Marty Cohn's lab at University of Florida. Life changing stuff here. Some day I hope to be half as smart as these people. Big Thanks to all of you!


Special symposium on the evolution of intromittent organs, SICB 2016. Top row, left to right: Jeff Hoch, Diane Kelly, Brandon Moore, Marty Cohn, Brian Langerhans, Marissa Gredler. Bottom row, left to right: Mercedes Burns, Matt Dean, Patty Brennan, Clarissa House, Teri Orr. Otherwise known as "our homies".


Hockey and pizza... perfect way to send off Yiding and Brent.


Visit to Jeff Good's lab (U. Montana) to fish out some ideas. Left to right: Matt Dean, Jeff Good, Bret Payseur.


Time to leave the nest little birds. Fly, fly, fly.

photos_yang.jpg photos_skull.jpg

Taking high schoolers to the LA Natural History Museum to do real research. Because mammals are awesome. Bottom to top: Mr. Cue, Jose Jaime, Charlie Sanchez, Mrs. Yang.


Visit to Rob Wiliam's lab (U. Tennessee), a pioneer in mouse genetics. Left to right: Matt Dean, Rob Williams.

photos_reznick.jpg photos_snake.jpg

Matt giving seminar at UC Riverside. Herp'ing with David Reznick afterwards: One helluva way to spend time


Visit to Rasmus Nielsen's lab (UC Berkeley) to discuss codon usage bias. Left to right: Peter Ralph, Matt Dean, Rasmus Nielsen, Mehmet Sonal, Michael Kessler.


Seminar visit by Pascal Gagneux. Left to right: Matt Dean, Pascal Gagneux, Stevan Springer, Brent Young (lab manager).

photos_whales.jpg photos_darwin.jpg

Chuck watches over all at the Natural History Museum in London (there for Tim Birkhead's Biology of Sperm Meeting). Chuck is pleased: all their whale skeletons are properly mounted with their pelvic bones.

photos_fisher.jpg photos_guido.jpg

Lab co-mascot Fisher (named after the great R.A., who as far as we can tell made some major contribution to every single quantitative branch of biology).

Lab co-mascot Guido (named after the founder of Python, the most logical and clean computer programming language ever invented).


Could you ever buy jello in a restaurant for 15 cents? Answer: you could in the Twilight Zone.


The C.I.A. of mousers. Names cannot be revealed.

photos_jimmuseum.jpg photos_kimballmuseum.jpg

Jim Dines "learning us" about mammal evolution at the LA County Museum of Natural History. Part of BISC544.

Kimball "learning us" about bird evolution at the LA County Museum of Natural History. Part of BISC 313.

photos_jensenjenotyper.jpg photos_lab.jpg

Jensen the jenotyper at work in da lab

photos_whale.jpg photos_hippo.jpg

Blue whale skull in the marine mammal collection from the LA County Museum of Natural History. Amazing!

This one is just for RD: Hippo skull. (sorry, it was dark and blurry in there).


Science fellas: Matt Dean, Jeff Good, Michael Nachman, Bret Payseur


Old Nachmans, New Nachmans (sorry Taichi!)


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